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The Inside Scoop On Foreclosures - eBook Content

  1. Buying a Home at a Bargain Price
  2. The Home Buying Process
  3. Market Value vs. Fair Value
  4. Can You Get a Bargain Home?
  5. Buying Homeownership vs. Investment
  6. A Word about Risk
  7. Buying Out of Season
  8. For Sale by Owner
  9. Reasons for the Low Price: Seller, House or Neighborhood
  10. Inspecting the Property
  11. Why Banks Do Not Want to Own Real Estate
  12. Reasons Why Homes Are Repossessed
  13. Sold to the Highest Bidder!
  14. Should You Work with an Agent?
  15. Sales Contracts
  16. Contract Negotiations
  17. Condominium Properties
  18. Financing Foreclosure Properties
  19. Your Credit Rating
  20. Making Repairs to the Property
  21. Tax Lien Certificates
  22. Property Management
  23. “As Is” Condition
  24. Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure

How to Refinance Your Home - eBook Content

  1. Mortgage refinances options and traditional loans
  2. Selection process for refinancing your loans
  3. Factors to consider before refinancing your home
  4. The guide to refinance your home
  5. Considering options to improve credit scores before getting refinance
  6. The risks included in home refinances
  7. Why should you shop around for better refinance deals?
  8. Understanding the comparison of online quotes for mortgage refinance
  9. Availing mortgage refinance for your homes
  10. Closing costs for refinance loans and the new economic stimulus
  11. Debt consolidation and refinance options
  12. Considering the options of cash-out refinance against a second mortgage
  13. Considering a refinance with poor credit scores
  14. Considering your options for mobile home refinances
  15. Saving your home from foreclosure through refinance

How to Avoid Foreclosure - eBook Content

  1. What is Foreclosures?
  2. How foreclosure proceedings are born
  3. What leads to foreclosures
  4. Who can foreclose your property?
  5. Tax liens and foreclosures
  6. Duration of the foreclosure process
  7. How to avoid a foreclosure
  8. Foreclosures: Experiences and Queries

How To Modify Your Loan - eBook Content

  1. Loan Modification
  2. Loan Modify
  3. Loan Modification Companies
  4. How To Choose A Loan Modification Company?
  5. How To Modify Your Loan?
  6. How Will You Get A Loan Modification?
  7. Different Options For Loan Modifications
  8. Why Banks Offer Loan Modification?
  9. How Long Does It Take?
  10. The First Step In The Loan Modification Process
  11. Documentation Checklist
  12. About A Loan Modification Program
  13. Loan Modification When Is It Suitable?
  14. Whether You Are Eligible For Mortgage Modifications
  15. The Way A Loan Modification Work
  16. Whether Professional Help Is Needed
  17. Situations In Mortgage Modification
  18. Explaining Loan Modification
  19. The Loan Modification Work
  20. The Way To Do Your Own Loan Modification
  21. The Ways To Modify Your Own Mortgage Loan
  22. Modification For Free
  23. How To Apply For A Loan Modification?
  24. Important Points Regarding A Foreclosure
  25. The Loan Modification As The Best Option
  26. To Close A Loan Modification
  27. Can Loan Modification Prevent A Foreclosure?
  28. Need For A Loan Modification
  29. Fight With The Lender - Free Your Home
  30. What After Calling The Lender?
  31. Walk Away Or Start Over?
  32. What Next?

Learn How To Buy Foreclosures - eBook Content

  1. Background Of Foreclosure
  2. Foreclosure
  3. What Is A Foreclosure All About
  4. General Reasons Behind A Foreclosure
  5. The Entire Process How A Foreclosure Works
  6. Judicial Foreclosure/Non–Judicial Foreclosure
  7. Pre–Foreclosures/Foreclosure Stage/Post Foreclosure
  8. How To Buy A Foreclosure
  9. The Safest Way To Buy Foreclosures
  10. The Laws That Affect Foreclosure
  11. Understanding The Process Of Foreclosure
  12. Government Houses And Bank Owned Property
  13. Which Is The Process That Is Most Suitable For You
  14. What Steps Can You Take To Hold Back
  15. Investment Procedure Of A Foreclosure
  16. The Best Way To Choose The Right House
  17. More Information On Foreclosure Homes
  18. Where Will You Buy A Foreclosure Property From
  19. Bank Foreclosures-Government Sales Home
  20. Reasons For A Government Foreclosure
  21. The Real Estate You Buy Can Be Used In Following Ways
  22. The Harmful Effects Of Foreclosure In U.S
  23. Best Time To Purchase A Foreclosure Home
  24. Foreclosure Is A Devastation In The Life Of A Common Man
  25. Foreclosure Auctions
  26. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying A Foreclosure Home
  27. Trust Deed Foreclosure
  28. Stopping Foreclosure
  29. Reasons For Considering A Foreclosure
  30. Reasons To Avoid A Foreclosure
  31. Six Results Of Foreclosure
  32. Acceleration
  33. Statutory Redemption
  34. Final Word To Keep In Mind Before Foreclosure
  35. Is Buying A Foreclosure Property Right