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Tenants Rights During Foreclosure

It was said that there are lots of people who are renting these days not knowing that the houses they rented are going through foreclosure proceedings. It is not just happening in the US but also in UK and in other parts of the world. A lot of landlords these days are getting income and mortgage payment from their rental fee they get from their tenants every month and they continuously thinking that the rental fee they get can do wonders to save their properties not knowing that they are risking the lives of their tenants especially when then the sheriff orders an eviction. Failing to pay for mortgage fee would mean that foreclosure process has been initiated. This is truly devastating for tenants who just paid for their rental advances along with their deposits.

The tenant will be badly affected by this type of situation because they don’t have any rights to get claims. It is vital for you to know your rights as a tenant since there is a tenant law existing these days. It doesn’t matter if you are in this situation now, what matters most is that you know what to do if you face this type of problem. It is vital for you to know what to do so you will not panic in time. Being a tenant is such a hard thing in this world and you will never know if the house you just rented is going through foreclosure unless the landlord requests you to move to another place without further notice and even after paying the advance fees. You need to defend yourself from foreclosure because you paid for the house you are renting.

There are different procedures done during foreclosure processes depending on the situation. You should be knowledgeable so that you cannot just be fooled by anyone including your tenant. You need to understand the entire process because it will make a big difference in your life. Foreclosure proceedings differ from one state to another. A lot of times, what may take place to the other might not be applicable to the other state. You need to know some foreclosure guide according to state so that you will not be mistaken when it happen to you. What you can do is to look for a reliable portal online and search for foreclosures there. Most of these sites contain complete information of all the things you need to know.

It makes a big difference if you know what you are doing so that you will not panic. You need to always keep in mind that panicking will not be helpful to you. It will just ruin your composure and presence of mind so you will not be able to think of a better solution along the way. You will not have a hard time looking for possible solutions to your problems because there are guides that can be helpful to you. The advent of technology allows you to know everything you want to know in an instant so you shouldn’t hesitate to look for help through online community.

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  1. That’s the very reason why tenants should be very vigilant when renting a house. Before renting a house you should ask for the house tax payment records and other vital records you need to know about the house. There are a lot of houses are going foreclosure because of of the recession so BEWARE. We can’t deny that there are people who love’s to scum and take advantage of other peoples weaknesses.

  2. The points you have considered are very much true.I am totally agree with this post.Thanks a lot for sharing this post with us…

  3. The reason behind the Foreclosure proceedings is that its the constitutional method by mechanism of which a mortgagee, or otherwise lien holder, always a lender, receives a court logical winding up of a mortgagor’s fair right of redemption.

    I agree with your thoughts.

    thanks for sharing this great information.

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