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The People Who Are Most Affected By Foreclosures

Foreclosures are causing problems in many parts of the world. There are the people who are experiencing many problems and these are mainly the people who have been directly affected. These people have suffered the trauma of having their houses being closed and the humiliation that comes along with the foreclosures. The neighborhood has seen them move out of the places they called home for a long time and they are left homeless.

The people who are worst affected are the people who lost their jobs and now their houses have been foreclose. This is because such people will have to look for new sources of income since even when the economy recovers; they will still have no jobs hence they will have to look for an alternative that will give them an income that will at least offer them enough money for food and shelter before they are financially stable again.

The children too are worst hit since they are sensitive to every change in living conditions and when a family that has little children is sent packing out of a house, the parents have no alternative but to change the living conditions of the children. The children are in most cases the worst affected after a foreclosure since they easily contract diseases in case they sleep outside and they also get hungry and since the parents have no money for food, they have to look for food from well-wishers and at times when there are no people to help, the children really suffer from the hunger pangs.

The children are the main reason why the international aid communities are holding dialogue with the governments of the countries where there are foreclosures to make the real-estate dealers to consider families with children and to give them grace periods at least to avoid cases where the children will sleep in the cold. The health workers are also touched by the children and they are striving to ensure that every child whose parent have had their house foreclosed is getting adequate healthcare and food and this is giving hope to the children.

When the parents are forced to move as a result of the foreclosures for sale, they are forced to disrupt their studies and this is also affecting the academic performance of the children as well as the mood since most of the children who have faced foreclosures are sad since they are missing their friends and their homes. The women are also greatly affected since they have to look for a good place for their children to shelter and they have to look for food for their children. This has made most of the women to get stress-related illnesses since they are always wondering what they will do after their houses have been foreclosed.

The sick are also having problems since they can no longer attend their checkups since they have been forced to move out of their residents and they have moved far from the health institutions. The foreclosures have brought great suffering to masses.

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  1. “These people have suffered the trauma of having their houses being closed and the humiliation that comes along with the foreclosures”…

    That’s why these PARASITES are called LOSERS!

  2. thats why the government sucks now

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